Wrapping a Porsche


For us, the summer is an ideal time to undertake a vehicle wrap. The higher temperatures outside make vehicle wrapping much easier than in winter months. Recently we took on a full vehicle wrap for a Porsche. The client wanted to wrap all the body work in a matte black wrapping vinyl. A matte black wrap always looks super premium and often comes with a super premium price tag. This is because the material is very expensive. Furthermore, the process is very time-consuming. It’s not unusual for full wrap can take two fitters a full day to install. A vehicle wrap like this will start from £1,500 + VAT.

Our client was very happy with the result. If you would like to find out more information about this, contact us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.comP10305572

Outdoor Displays from easisigns

Outdoor Displays

Summer is finally here! As the number of outdoor events increases during the summer months, you may need to advertise your business outside. easisigns is here to help. We offer a large range of outdoor display units.

From simple banners to branded parasols and gazebos, we have the solution to all your outdoor signage needs.

Contact us today to find out more on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.



Outdoor Flags
Comes in either teardrop, feather or rectangular shape. These durable outdoor flags are quick and easy to put up and take down. With a selection of bases including water-filled, ground spike, tyre base and more.




Pavement Signs
Swinger, A-board, poster mounting, we have a huge selection of pavement signs. Contact us to find out more.




Event Stands
Bespoke canopies, parasols and gazebos; fully printed with your branding. Portable and easy to set up.




Vinyl Ghosting

IMG_4035Vinyl ghosting is a fairly common problem for us. It occurs when removing vinyl graphics from a surface, and the longer the graphics have been there, the more noticeable the ghosting will be.

This is commonly seen on second-hand trade vehicles. It can also be a problem if you have branded a rented vehicle. If you’ve gone to the effort of removing the vinyl, and removing all the glue, it can be pretty heartbreaking to still see the remains of your logo! The discolouration is caused by oxidisation. In simple terms, the parts that have been exposed to the sun and air will have slightly changed over time. Whereas the covered areas are protected by the vinyl, and will not change as much. As this is not caused by dirt or grease, it cannot by wiped away, no matter how much you try.

The solution is quite simple. You can buy T-Cut colour restorer from most hardware shops. This will remove the oxidisation and restore the vehicle to it’s normal colour. You will almost certainly need to apply this to the entire vehicle, otherwise you will have one perfectly clean section.

If you plan to do this, please take a moment to research the product. Make sure that it will be suitable for the painted finish of your vehicle. Also make sure you read the instructions thoroughly, so you know exactly how much you need and how to use it correctly.

The ghosting problem can also occur when updating vinyl graphics on signs. Signs are made from a number of different materials, so there isn’t a magic solution to fix ghosting on any sign. An easy way to solve this problem is to overlay the sign with vinyl and apply new graphics. However, most of the time it is cheaper to have a new sign made.

If you would like any further information, please call us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.


Cribs Estates – Fascia Sign


This is a sign we made recently for Cribs Estates in Wimbledon. Initially, the client wanted to update the sign by reusing the existing light box frame. We had a few suggestions. At first, we planned to insert dibond panels into the frame, but the client asked if the logo could be 3D. We also had to find a way to illuminate the word “Estates”.

Cribs mockup v3

We created this visual to illustrate how the sign will look to the client. The ‘CRIBS’ logo is made from fret cut aluminium, built-up with 100mm returns. We sprayed it red and fitted bright white LEDs internally. We installed dibond panels inside the existing light box frame, and fitted to the 3D logo to them with threaded rods.

The word ‘ESTATES’ was fret cut out of the dibond panels. We then backed the text with opal acrylic and applied black vinyl. The black vinyl was ever so slightly smaller than the acrylic, which is to create a keyline around the text. We fitted LEDs inside the light box to illuminate the keyline. The rest of the text was applied directly to the dibond panels in self adhesive vinyl.

If you would like to find out more about this sign, call us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.

Beattitude – Signage for Gym Re-branding in Earlsfield


The owner this fitness centre contacted us recently to discuss a recent re-brand. Switch Fitness has become Beattitude, and many thousands of pounds has been invested in updating the gym. When re-branding your business, there is so much to consider. There is a lot more to it than just a new name, logo and a basic colour palette. Quite often it can be a challenge to select consistent colours that can be used in every application.

Selecting a Pantone colour is a good start. However, in reality this is only useful when printing. Different colours will need to be used for all the online imagery. When it comes to paint colours, it’s very rare to find a paint supplier who will use Pantone references, and even if you do, it’s unlikely they will reproduce an exact colour unless they have a physical sample to match.

When it comes to sign making, we have to attempt to find a close match using vinyl colours and RAL/BS paint colour references. This can be a difficult task, especially since there is a much smaller selection of colours to choose from. For the coral-pink colour, we tried printing it, but the colour was not coming out correctly. We spend a while looking through swatches from our suppliers and found an Oracle brand vehicle wrap vinyl gave us the closest match. So we made an aluminium sign tray to go above the door, and used the vinyl to create the logo colour. We used the same vinyl on laser-cut acrylic and fitted the text with stand off locators above the three main windows.

So our advice is, if brand colours are important to you, make sure you request to see swatches before you decide on anything. When it comes to re-branding your business, you should accept that there will undoubtedly be some subtle variations in colour.

If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to contact us today by calling 020 8944 8984, or emailing info@easisigns.com.IMG_3621

TD Securities – Internal Office Signs

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 13.41.39

TD Securities approached us recently, and asked us to help them with some internal office signage. The client asked us to fabricate three signs with this tree logo. The tree logo is designed to motivate the staff, and reinforce the company’s core values (“TD Framework”). The three signs had to be made from acrylic and fitted to the wall. All three signs were made differently.

We took our time to make sure everything was exactly how the client would expect. We printed posters at full scale and sent them to the client to check the size and position of each one. We also send vinyl samples, so the client would be sure of the colours.

TD Securities

The first sign was made from 5mm white acrylic, the tree and the word “TD Frameworks” were left. We applied self adhesive vinyl to the front face of the tree to give the two tone effect and text. The edges of each leaf were sprayed a matching colour. The wall was not exactly smooth, so we needed to use foam tape to fix the tree to the wall.

The second sign was very similar, except we applied a dark green vinyl to the tree to make it stand out against the white wall.

The third sign was made from 20mm thick clear acrylic. The acrylic was routed to shape. The edges were sprayed in dark and mid-green. Self adhesive vinyl was applied to the front face. The text was laser cut 3mm white acrylic which was also fitted to the front of each leaf. The overall sign was 1.6 meters tall, so each piece was quite heavy. We needed to fit the sign to the wall with threaded rods and adhesive to make sure it was fitted to the wall securely.

If you would like to find out more about this sign, please contact us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.

Trinity Medical – Floating Acrylic Wall Sign

P1030520We made this sign recently for Trinity Medical Imaging. They recently had their reception area renovated, and wanted a brand new sign as the finishing touch.

Their main reception wall is stylised with an uneven grid pattern.  This presented us with a minor problem – how to fix a flat sign to a wall like this. We decided to make a floating acrylic sign.

The logo was laser cut 10mm acrylic. The text we simply spray painted dark blue. The icon had to be first sprayed powder blue, then we had added self adhesive vinyl to the front face to create the dark blue and white stripes.

This was fixed to the clear panel with double sided VHB adhesive tape. The panel was fitted to the wall with silver anodised wall studs. We laser cut some 3mm and 5mm acrylic spacer discs to accommodate the unevenness of the wall.


The client was overall happy with the result. If you like the look of this sign and want to find out more, contact us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.

Good Relations – Aluminium Office Signage


Good Relations approached us recently and asked us to make a sign for their office wall. We gave them several options, including stained pinewood and brushed stainless steel. Eventually they opted for this aluminium sign. This is 2mm thick aluminium, powder coated satin black, and fitted to the wall with threaded rods to the reverse. If you’re not a fan of the glossy appearance of acrylic, these aluminium letters would be a good alternative, although can be quite expensive if you want them thick and chunky. IMG_3621#

If you would like to find out any more about this, call us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.

March Madness – 2-4-1 Offers From easisigns

carsbannersSpring Savings from easisigns with TWO GREAT OFFERS!

Vehicle Graphics
Fleet managers, taxi companies, estate agents… this offer is perfect for you. If you place an order to have branding for two identical vehicles, you will only need to pay for one.
Perfect for temporary signage, events and exhibitions; every business will need a banner at some point. Double up on your banners and maximise your exposure.

Find out more by contacting easisigns today! Call us on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.

*T&C’s apply. Contact easisigns for details.

Dr Sarah Shah – Vinyl Graphics

P1030351Cosmetic practitioner, Dr Shah, recently moved her office in London. We are asked to come and install some vinyl graphics. She requested for the vinyl graphics to be very subtle, to the point where they are almost invisible. The first task was to put the logo on this glass partition. There was already a frosted vinyl on this glass. So we decided to create the logo from the same frosted material. The result is very subtle, and ideal for what they wanted.

We were also asked to use vinyl to block out these windows (see below). They wanted the same minimal branding on these windows. You can just about see in this image, in the top right pane, that we used a clear matte film and cut the logo. This was used in conjunction with the white vinyl to create the effect. Overall the client was happy with the results.

If you would like to find out more about this, please contact us today on 020 8944 8984 or email info@easisigns.com.