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Window graphics

Get creative with your shop or office windows by using our window graphics and stickers service. A huge variety of printed film and vinyl window graphics materials can create jaw dropping full colour adverts, subtle semi-transparent branded images, or simply provide much needed privacy.

Window Vinyl Graphics
Great for impressive displays of full colour graphics in shop windows. Vinyl or window cling allows you to create high resolution photo realistic window graphics that can be attached inside or outside. Certain self-adhesive materials can also be applied to wood, metal and plastics as well as glass.

• Frosted Glass Window Film

If you want your privacy but without losing daylight then etched glass effect or frosted glass window film is the perfect choice. It can be easily combined with vinyl window graphics to create dynamic yet private window displays.

• Contra Vision One Way Window Film

You see Contra Vision every day on phone boxes, buses and office and shop windows. It's a unique one way window film that uses tiny perforations to allow people to see out but prevent people looking in. Combining the benefits of vinyl window graphics and frosted glass film you can use full colour window graphics whilst also providing privacy.

Self cling film
Static Cling Vinyl Film is a PVC film, that sticks / clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. It sticks to these surfaces without any adhesive and can be removed without leaving behind any residue. It is ideal for a variety of graphics, craft and decorative applications such as signs, decals, window graphics, door covering, protective masking and much, more. When printed it provides a vibrant full colour image that is easy to fit and remove. It can be applied to the inside or outside of windows and is ideal for things like parking permits or short term promotions.

Solar Control
Heat reduction films can be extremely beneficial to office occupants as they not only reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass but can also reject the number of harmful UV rays by as much as 90%.
This in turn can have a positive impact on heating/air conditioning bills as well as the efficiency of staff.
Office blocks and buildings which have a lot of windowed areas often opt for solar control on all of their windows to stop sun light glare distracting workers and eliminating glare from window facing computer monitors and screens. Solar control is the smart alternative to using sun blinds as it provides the perfect amount of light without it becoming a nuisance.

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